​We set up Moment to release the music we and our friends have found ourselves listening to more and more over the last few years.

Lo-Fi hip hop, solo piano and ambient - in all its styles.

Listening habits have changed so much over the last few years with the adoption of streaming. We gravitated to longer sessions of listening to those genres, both passively whilst at work or at home and actively when looking for new music to fill our playlists.

Who are we?

We are Steve, Andy and Ian.

We’ve all worked in the music business for our entire working lives, as artists, producers, managers and latterly as a digital marketing business.

Steve and Andy have been making music for thirty years, initially as house music producers and more recently creating ambient and lo-fi tracks.

Moment is a new place for them and many of their friends, old and new, to release their music.

Being around the music industry for a long time leads to knowing a lot of creative people making all kinds of art.

Some of the artists on the label are musicians we’ve worked with since the early days of house music who are now turning their hands to making music in the genres that Moment stands for.

These are, if you like, wise old heads. Writers and producers with many years of experience who have honed their talent and skills.

Their choice to make lo-fi or piano tracks means that they bring that ability to these genres.

But then there’s new talent that we’ve discovered. Through friends and connections. Youngsters (at least to us...) who are blazing a trail making great music from the heart.

Many of the artists making these new moments of music have had great success in many other genres, have made hit records, toured the world in rock bands or as DJ/producers and lived much of their life in the studio.

Moment is the label where they can indulge a new passion and make music of and for the moment.