Who Are We?

We are Moment Recordings. A brand new label for the streaming age.

We exist to help talented artists build a full-time career from their music by using our unique music industry knowledge, contacts and expertise.

What Music Do We sign?

For now, we are only interested in signing artists that make LoFi Hip Hop, Chill Out, Chill Hop, Ambient, Breaks, Solo Piano and Downtempo tracks.

For now, we are looking for artists whose material is fully produced and ready to be mastered. We are not interested in receiving demos or music ‘in development’.

All music must be free of samples and you must be the owner of all recording and publishing rights.

In the near future, we will expand the range of music that we work with and will take on development artists, but at this stage we are focusing on a core group of self-producing artists in these specific genres.

How Do You Get Signed?

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and send us your links.

We’ll listen to your music and if you’re right for our label, we’ll be in touch.

How Does This Work For You?

We’re a record label unlike any other.

We’re experts at driving music discovery, fanbase growth and music marketing and promotion.

Your music will get the audience you deserve when it’s released on our label.

Your music will get priority support on all streaming services with playlist promotion and ad supported marketing spend.
Your music will also be added to our music library and actively promoted to the Movie, TV and Games industries for synchronisation use.

Your music will also be promoted to YouTubers to create an additional revenue source.

Your music will be promoted to brands to use in their promotional videos.

In short, we’ll actually put your music to work – earning you a living that you’ll be paid, like clockwork, every 90 days.
We’ll sign your tracks on transparent deals - 50/50 for recordings and 70/30 for publishing - and then we’ll work our asses off to make your music make money for you.

You’ll be paid for all streaming and synch income from your recordings every 90 days – 30 days after the end of March, June, September and December.

Your 70% share of all publishing revenue will be paid twice a year – 30 days after the end of June and December.

All accounting statements will detail every item of income and expenses so you’ll be able to see what we’ve spent and what you’ve earned in clear and simple detail.


Then fill in the form below to submit your music. You must send your music as streaming links (not attachments or downloads) such as Soundcloud, and they must be finished, fully produced masters.

Please do not submit your music until you are satisfied that it is ready to release. (Just hold tight, perfect it and then send it in – we’ll still be here!)

Fill in as many fields as you can, but leave blank any that do not apply.