Beardog – The Good Life

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOM001

Release Date: 25/06/2021

“The Good Life” is the frst single from Beardog on brand new label, Moment Recordings.

Imagining a sun soaked paradise from his dimly lit backstreet fat, Beardog invites you into his laidback, chilled trip-hop world with “The Good Life”.The soundtrack for those sunshine moments, cocktail in hand whilst relaxing on the hammock or sun lounger.The Laptop Beatmaker, Beardog resides in Berlin.

His earliest foray into music was experimenting with house and UK Garage grooves. It was however, his love for 70’s funk, 80’s hip-hop and 90’s trip-hop that eventually inspired him to create a more downtempo sound.
Beardog’s forthcoming debut album “Balcony Beats” was written during the heatwave of 2019.

Combining Jazzy keys and funk bass lines weaved into head nodding, lazy grooves and relaxed break beats, Beardog presents his personal take on the chill out genre.



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