Casual Jumper – It’s Raining Inside

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOM004

Release Date: 25/06/2021

“It’s Raining Inside” is the first instalment of the adventures in sad lofi hip hop from Casual Jumper.“When the heart is broken and the dark clouds loom above, even the weather plays it’s part.”

Casual Jumper is an Art student and self confessed slacker.

A sitcom addict and proud bedroom producer, CJ’s tracks have a sad and melancholic vibe refecting his outlook on life.

Sounds of iO


Catalog # : MOMR021

Release date: 16/12/2022


Camel Lights

Catalog # : MOMR020

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Sounds of iO

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Catalog # : MOMR019

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Casual Jumper

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