Casual Jumper – Melancholy Flowers

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR018

Release Date: 25/11/2022

Casual Jumper is back with a new five track EP titled “Melancholy Flowers” on Moment Recordings.

Creating his own take on the sad Lo-f genre, Casual Jumper serves up another quintet of heartbreaking beats and melodies on his new EP. The aptly named title track, “Melancholy Flowers” explores the positives of the wistful state of mind with a lazy beat, stabbed piano chords and detuned strings. “Cheer You up” offers up a sultry piano refrain layered with whale sounds and a vocal claiming his dedication to “Cheer You Up”.

Meanwhile the melancholy gets too much on the third track with Casual Jumper wanting to “Stay In Bed”. “Are You OK?” Is the question for the fourth tune on the EP providing soothing vocalised layers with doleful piano tinkering. Finally the bedtime lullaby of “Part Of Your Life” ends the EP with modulated synths and lazy Classical guitar melodies.

A self confessed 90’s Sitcom addict and retro enthusiast, Casual Jumper utilises old VHS tapes and cassettes to record and sample his music adding heartsick melodies and wistful affection to soothing effect.

“Melancholy Flowers” is part 2 of a trio of EPs from Casual Jumper released on Moment recordings.

Track list:

A1: Melancholy Flowers
A2: Cheer You Up
A3: Stay In Bed
A4: Are You OK?
A5: Part Of Your Life


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