Casual Jumper – Seat Sighing EP

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR013

Release Date: 08/07/2022

Moment recordings present a brand new release from Casual Jumper. “Seat Sighing” is a five track EP from the Melancholic Lo-fi producer.

Casual Jumper returns to the label with an EP of sad and despondent Lo-f beats. Following on from his debut single “It’s Raining Inside” he lays out an EP of dusty grooves with a forlorn yet optimistic favour.
Casual Jumper’s “Seat Sighing” EP endeavours to connect the heartbroken souls and offer hope in knowing they are not alone.

Casual Jumper explains: “Seat Sighing is a play on the phrase Sight Seeing. During the Pandemic it wasn’t possible to go “Sight Seeing” so I ended up at home “Seat Sighing”. Luckily I could close my eyes and travel with my music.”

A self confessed 90’s Sitcom addict and retro enthusiast , Casual Jumper utilises old VHS tapes and cassettes to record and sample his music adding heartsick melodies and wistful affection to soothing effect.

“Seat Sighing” is part 1 of a trio of EPs from Casual Jumper coming out this year on Moment recordings.

Track list:

A1: Don’t Be Afraid
A2: It Can Happen To Anybody
A3: Seat Sighing
A4: Lonely One
A5: Always Here For You


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