eX-type – Sea Of Green

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR015

Release Date: 07/10/2022

“eX-type” is the latest musical project from Moment Recordings A&R, Andy Tex Jones. The brand new single “Sea Of Green” is from his forthcoming debut Album “New Beginnings”.

A sad plucked acoustic guitar sets “Sea Of Green” off into Melodic guitar riffs, weaving in and out of atmospheric chord pads and laidback 80’s drum beats.

The B-side, “Photo Album” treads an even slower tempo with a 60’s western guitar riff and ethereal picking drenched in modulated reverb.

Andy developed ideas for the eX-type project during lockdown.

Listening to a lot of old vinyl records from indie rock to trip hop and ambient helped galvanise a sound he wanted to create. Even the dusty, crackles and surface noise of vinyl infuenced a sense of nostalgia in the music.

Recording his guitar jams and experimenting with sparse ambient layers helped to forge the eX-type sound to create his own individual soundtrack to that period.

Andy Tex Jones has DJed and produced music since the mid-Nineties and under various projects gained success with making House music.

He ran a few Labels in the early 2000’s and also built a commercial recording studio in Berlin where he worked as an audio engineer and producer.

“Sea Of Green” is taken from the forthcoming Album from eX-type” called “New Beginnings” to be released on Moment Recordings in late Autumn.

Track list:

A1: Sea Of Green

B1: Photo Album


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