Telin – Distal

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOM002

Release Date: 25/06/2021

Moment Recordings are proud to introduce Telin. “Distal” is the debut single from His new album of instrumental Piano music.

Distal is a beautiful piece made to pull on the heart strings, a refective mood that washes over the listener. It is the frst of three singles from his forthcoming Debut Album, “Tesserae”. All compositions were recorded live in London on a 1904 Steinway Piano.

A talented pianist and composer based in London, Telin’s musical journey began in his pre-teens by learning to play the piano and competently writing his own pieces.

A University Degree in Composition followed where he went on to play keyboards and synths for a number of successful bands.

Now focusing on a more contemporary classical form of solo piano music, Telin’s distinctive sound is full of lightness, calm and clarity.



Catalog # : MOMR007

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