Telin – Foehn

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR009

Release Date: 12/11/2021

Moment Recordings presents the new release from Solo Piano Artist, Telin. “Foehn”is the third single taken from the forthcoming Album, “Tesserae”.

Foehn is named after the warm, dry winds that fall down the lee side of a mountain range with the power to melt snows and, supposedly, alter moods.

The see-sawing broken chords, lilting 6/8 time and drifting pulse all add to a sense of dreamy otherworldliness.

A talented pianist and composer based in London, Telin’s musical journey began in his pre-teens by learning to play the piano and competently writing his own pieces. A University graduate in composition, Telin’s distinctive sound is full of lightness, calm and clarity.

All compositions from Telin’s forthcoming album “Tesserae” were recorded live in London on a 1904 Steinway Piano.


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