Telin – Tesserae

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMRA002

Release Date: 27/05/2022

Moment Recordings is proud to present the Brand New Album from Telin. “Tesserae” is the highly anticipated debut from the British Solo Piano Artist.

Comprising of Fifteen original compositions, The Album showcases the talented pianist and composer, Recorded entirely on a 1904 Steinway Piano, Tesserae” features the singles, “Distal”, “Mantle”, “Foehn” and “Filament”.

Citing a wide range of infuences from Debussy to Joni Mitchell, Telin’s music has a dream-like quality. HIs distinctive sound is full of lightness, calm and clarity whilst maintaining a strong focus on melody and form.

Whether exploring refective moods, gentle waltzes or spacious melodies, The Album “Tesserae” resonates a sense of warmth and beauty.

Telin is a talented pianist and composer Based in London. His musical journey began by learning to play the piano at an early age and soon after began to write his own pieces.

A university degree in composition followed and he gained valuable live experience playing synthesizers, keyboards and piano for a number of successful bands spanning different genres.

Finally venturing towards a solo career in 2019, Telin found new inspiration to compose a whole body of original music. “Tesserae” is the frst culmination of Telin’s Accomplished aptitude.

The Debut Album “Tesserae” by Telin on Moment Recordings is available for Streaming and download on all platforms coming 27th May 2022.

Track list:
01: Distal
02: Parasalene
03: Tephra
04: Filament
05: Calyx
06: Caldera
07: Cobolt
08: Corolla
09: Foehn
10: Mantle
11: Lumen
12: Pruina
13: Lacuna
14: Aureate
15: Tesserae


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