ZaZaa – Cafe Love

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR014

Release Date: 15/07/2022

ZaZaa returns to Moment recordings with a brand new EP of Lo-fi jazzy cuts called “Cafe Love”. Three tracks of laidback mellow, piano laced lo-f grooves make up ZaZaa’s new EP.

“Cafe Love” provides the soundtrack to ZaZaa’s favourite pastime and beverage. Sitting under the shade of a parasol at her favourite Cafe, sipping the frst coffee of the day and watching the world drift by.

“Morning Coffee” and “Expresso Nights” tread the similar path with stabbed pianos and soft, rim shot Jazz rhythms. A perfect sonic caffeine injection to slowly start the day.

Infuenced by the music of her Father, Uncle and Brother’s eclectic record collections whilst growing up, ZaZaa attempts to fuse jazz, dub, reggae and hip hop into her passion for lo-f and chill hop music.

Track list:

A1: Cafe Love
A2: Morning Coffee
A3: Expresso Nights

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