ZaZaa – Lake House

Beardog – The Good Life

Catalog number: MOMR010

Release Date: 19/11/2021

Zazaa presents her second single on Moment recordings, the laidback, lo-fi track called “Lake House”.

Soft Jazz piano chords drift lazily over placid rhythms and double bass as a playful melody skips by.

ZaZaa imagines relaxing by the lake side, taking in the view as the water gently laps the shore. Kids paddle in the water and row boats float by as the Summer sun slowly retreats behind the horizon.

This was the inspiration for “Lake House”.


Lake House

Catalog # : MOMR010

Release date: 19/11/2021



Catalog # : MOMR009

Release date: 12/11/2021

Sounds of iO

Sounds of iO

Catalog # : MOMRA001

Release date: 05/11/2021

Sounds of iO


Catalog # : MOMR008

Release date: 01/10/2021