June 30

The First Wave



For a label such as ours which covers so many diverse styles, choosing the label's first release became a daunting task. 

So we decided the best thing for us to do was to create a multi release of four artists so we can set out our stall so to speak and help the listeners understand maybe where we are coming from.

As we mentioned in the previous post we have lots of music to bring to you over the coming months, so we've selected these four artists to make our opening statement.

The first of the four comes from Berlin based producer Beardog. His head-nodding, lazy grooves perfect for the hammock or sun lounger.

This first track is taken from his forthcoming album 'Balcony Beats'. Written mainly in the sweltering heat of the summer of 2019 whilst wishing he was far away chilling on the beach.

The second track and our first Piano artist is Telin. With a range of influences from Debussy to Joni Mitchell, his pieces have a dream-like quality while still maintaining a strong focus on melody and form.

His debut album, “Tesserae” is due for release later this year on with “Distal” as the first single.

Next up is ZaZaa. This female producer also from Germany and fuses jazz, dub, reggae and hip hop into her passion for lofi and chill hop music.

Her first release from us 'Grand Hotel' is a smokey jazz excursion that hits the spot. We are very excited to have her on board.

Finally Casual Jumper who hails from London in the UK. This slacker (his words not ours!) is a sitcom addict and proud bedroom producer, producing tracks with a sad and melancholic vibe reflecting his outlook on life.

All our music is available at all the usual outlets for streaming and purchasing.