June 30

Welcome to Moment Recordings



We live in strange times. The world has been changing rapidly before our eyes. The current global pandemic has rewired the way we all now prioritise what’s important. 

Moment Recordings started from a germ of an idea over two years ago. We put the word out to all our musician friends about what we're trying to achieve here. 

We've had an amazing response with some excellent tracks presented but then Coronavirus slowed things down here for the past 18 months, as other priorities needing attending, we had to put the project on the back burner for a Moment!

But now we are ready!

Our aim is to create a pool of musicians who are looking to create more laid back minimal chilled vibes. The consumption of music had changed so much in the past 10 years. The rise of playlists and their uses dominate the industry now once where the album ruled the day.

That’s not to say the album is lost, there are still many producing cohesive album/collections of tracks that work together, (we have a few in the pipeline), but in today’s faster consumerist society, music has had to make changes to fit this new landscape.

Playlists that set a mood, or an atmosphere are carefully curated selections of music.  It's an extension of the dj set, a 21st century cassette mixtape taking you on a journey, providing sonic landscapes that can filter out the outside world to help you concentrate and stay focused. A perfect study backdrop.

We have started our playlist collection with 4 distinct moods.  Zen, Chill, Piano and Lo-fi. We will update them regularly to keep the vibe fresh and hopefully you'll find useful as back drops to your day.

We hope you'll 'Stay in the Moment'!

Thanks, Moment Recordings.